Written by: Lindsay Bruggeman

Big news on the Supreme Court this week has sent a buzz through pro-life and pro-choice activists alike. On Monday, May 17th, the Court agreed to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that discusses whether pre-viability abortion restrictions are unconstitutional.


A ruling in favor of the pro-life side would move federal abortion bans up two months from where it currently sits due to Roe and subsequent cases. Those most active in the Pro-Life Movement are hoping that this could finally be the moment they’ve been waiting for since conservative-leaning Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett were appointed in 2018 and 2020, respectively.


While further limiting the gestational window for which a woman can obtain a legal abortion would be among the greatest pro-life victories of my lifetime, there is still so much that can be done to further this cause. It is wise to accept that we cannot trust the government to fix all that is wrong with society. So much of the fight for the dignity of the unborn has to take place in the hearts and minds of our citizens and our culture. Will you accept this duty to work in the hearts and minds of those around you?


What are some ways this can be achieved?


  1. Get educated

It’s nearly impossible to work toward a solution to a problem if you aren’t educated on why the problem exists. With abortion, it is easy to hear old lines and stereotypes about why women are obtaining abortion. Find some data, talk to workers at your local pregnancy resource center, speak to post-abortive women or those that admit they considered abortion (when they’re willing to share their stories) and find out what factors truly were the biggest contributors. Was it pressure from family, friends, or the father of the baby? Was it the financial burden? These reasons can vary by culture and location so don’t assume you know why women are choosing abortion without really digging in to find out why. You can’t help solve a problem if you don’t truly know why it’s occurring.


Another reason to get educated is to support the government when issues do come up. By doing your homework on policies and politicians, you can ensure that you are voting appropriately in favor of life. You will also become aware of when important life issues are up for debate and be able to call your Congresspeople to inform them of what their constituents want.


In addition to the above, if you become educated on abortion and why you believe what you believe, as well as becoming familiar with common pro-choice arguments, you will be more well equipped to have conversations about abortion. A great place to start is this former blog piece on how to debate the issue with pro-choice family and friends. Seek to understand why abortion advocates feel the way that they do. Many of them truly think that they are helping women. The farther you research, the more you will realize the true effects of abortion and the greater conviction you will feel to advocate for life in all situations.


  1. Advocate

As mentioned above, once you are educated, you will be equipped and convicted to advocate. Whether it’s a debate with a vocal pro-choice contact or a casual conversation with a friend, when we hear someone say something that devalues the life of the unborn, we have a duty to speak up. These conversations can be difficult and uncomfortable, but that only makes them that much more important. If you don’t use your voice to advocate for the unborn, who will? 


Other ways to advocate for the life of the unborn include where you spend your time and money…


  1. Support those that are on the frontlines

Supporting pregnancy resource centers, Right to Life organizations, 40 Days for Life, and other groups that are actively seeking to make abortion unthinkable can come in many forms. Giving intentionally is a great place to start. If you are in a season of life where financial contributions are difficult, it is important to remember that every little bit helps, and you can always give of your time and talents.


When I was in college, I had very limited resources to make financial contributions to the causes that I was passionate about. Donating my time to Students for Life (SFL) led me on an adventure that pushed me to get creative. I spent my time developing fundraisers with the SFL group to fund a scholarship for pregnant and parenting students. It was much like ENLC’s Women of Strength Scholarship. Spending my time and energy helping to coordinate these fundraisers was a great way in which I could contribute my skills to connect those that were able to give financially to the fund that needed the money.


What kind of fundraisers could you help put on for a group that is working to support life every day? Maybe it’s a pancake brunch at your church, or a car wash with your student group. What about a 5k or karaoke night? Whatever you decide to focus your time and energy on, always remember that we each have a unique role to play in protecting the unborn. Find what your role is and embrace it!


  1. Join those that are on the frontlines

In addition to giving financially and hosting fundraisers for those on the frontlines, you can join them! At ENLC, we have several individuals that join us for a few to several hours a week as volunteers. Whether they share their experience by consulting with new parents, offer their time and attention to detail to help us count change, donate their handyman skills to work on our facilities team, or any of the various other ways that they get involved, there is always room for more volunteers!


Lots of discernment and prayer can lead you to where your availability, interests, and talents are needed most. Maybe you’re even at a place to consider applying to work for one of these frontline organizations! You can see what openings Elizabeth’s New Life Center has at https://elizabethnewlife.org/careers/.


  1. Pray

When it all comes down to it, the very most important thing that anyone can do to support the Pro-Life Movement is to pray. I do not have all of the answers as to why God allows evils like abortion to exist in our world. A few things I do know, however, are that He uses all things to further his will, and suffering is a tool that can bring us closer to Him. I also know that saying a prayer may not change a law or culture overnight but it will strengthen the person praying and empower them to do the work that changes hearts and minds each day.


Lord, please lay Your blessings over us as we do Your will to humbly labor in the culture of life!