Written by: Keisha Mitchell

Each and everyday you spend a couple of dollars within a 24-hour period without giving it a second thought. From buying a hot cup of coffee on your way to work to sliding your credit card into the vending machine for a midday snack, there’s little hesitation as you spend money throughout the day. It is so easy to purchase something you want or need at that moment without truly thinking about the cash leaving your hands or your bank account.


A lot of times when you spend money, it is not in your budget for the day or even for the month. You may start your day with $25, but by the evening, you’re down to $0 and wondering, “Where did it go?” Rather than blowing money on things you cannot even remember, how about being intentional with the use of your money? How about using it to impact the life of someone in need? Perhaps an expectant mother who has lost all hope, because her pregnancy was not planned. What about using it to buy a box of diapers or a crib for a baby in need?   


Be intentional with your money and use it to make a difference. It only takes $500 to save the life of a baby through our services at Elizabeth’s New Life Center. Only $500. Let’s break that down. That’s only $1.37 a day for one year. That’s the equivalent of a cup of coffee or a bag of chips out of the vending machine. Not much, when you think about it, to change a life forever. With just $1.37 a day, you can help those trapped in confusion and doubt and provide them a promising future.


A small daily commitment can help a mother like Gloria*, who was considering abortion before visiting our Women’s Center. Gloria shared: 


“Twenty plus years ago, I had a beautiful baby girl. Although she was not planned, God saw fit for me to be her mommy. I was a single mother of two sons when I met my daughter’s father. I had no plans of having any more children, nor did my daughter’s father (we were not married at that time). I was working and attending college at Sinclair to obtain my Associate’s Degree. He had just gotten out of a bad relationship that ended in divorce and had already had four children. 


When I found out I was pregnant, I was devastated because we thought that we had taken the necessary precautions to prevent the pregnancy. I came from a Christian home and knew that abortion was not an option. However, my husband didn’t want to have any more children and pressured me to terminate the pregnancy. Deep down inside, I did not want to terminate the pregnancy. I made an appointment at Elizabeth’s New Life Center on Main Street because I had heard about this free clinic for moms. 


When my husband and I arrived at the clinic they counseled us and then performed an ultrasound. Once we saw the heartbeat, we both knew that we could not terminate the pregnancy. Because of ENLC my baby girl was born. She is now a beautiful young lady and will be 24 years old on February 12th.” 


Together, we have to be intentional, because abortion clinics are intentional. The abortion pill regimen (mifepristone and misoprostol) is intentional. Planned Parenthood is intentional. We must be intentional in using our money to fight against the lie that life does not begin in the womb. We do not fight an enemy that we cannot see like Covid-19; we fight a very visible and strategic enemy called abortion. It only takes $1.37 a day, $500 a year, one baby at a time. Let’s be intentional in helping another Gloria*.


*name changed for client confidentiality