Elizabeth’s New Life Center has a clear mission: to empower individuals to make Godly life choices. We can only do this with the support of our community. Any contribution is a step in the right direction.

Marriage Works

Marriage Works! Ohio is committed to providing couples and individuals with the highest quality of relationship and marital education, mentoring and therapy.


Your God-given talents and enthusiasm can help us in our life-saving mission. Our volunteers span all age groups, serving the community with grace.


Women's Centers of Ohio

Our seven area Women’s Centers provide free, confidential consultations for women who are pregnant or might be pregnant.


Saving babies, changing lives

It could be a woman, alone and afraid of being pregnant. Maybe it’s a couple overwhelmed by the change they are about to experience. Or, perhaps even a community rallying around those in need. This is what Elizabeth’s New Life Center strives to do every single day.

Our Services

Women's Centers

Our Women’s Centers provide women with free, confidential consultations.

Prenatal Care

Our highly trained staff is here to assist you on your journey to motherhood.

Hope Project

Our trained staff can guide you down the path of healing with our programs.


People of all ages and skills have worked with us in our life-saving mission.

Marriage Works

Marriage Works! Ohio helps couples and individuals build strong and healthy relationships.

Youth Services

We serve middle and high school students with evidence-based risk avoidance curricula.

Bottles for Babies

Your generous donations save babies and change lives in our community for the better.

Men's Mentoring

We work to provide fathers-to-be with a mentor to guide them through this change in their lives.

Our Leadership Team

Board of Directors

  • Robert Bedinghaus
  • Robert Brinkman
  • Karl Hart
  • David Hughes
  • Vivian Koob
  • Ron Maag
  • Adam Mathews
  • Edward Ponder
  • Brian Schulze
  • Deborah Valley

Senior Staff

  • Vivian Koob
  • Rosie Prier
  • Terry Miller
  • David Drusen
  • Don Simon
  • Greg Schutte
  • Meg Carnahan
  • Erica Schwieterman



“Elizabeth’s New Life Center empowered me to be my own woman.”



“Had I not found Elizabeth’s New Life Center, I would not be as happy as I am or stable as I am to this day.”



“Even after four years, I still have a relationship (with Elizabeth’s New Life Center) and have someone I can confide in.”



“They really wanted to make sure I was okay and that me and the baby would be okay.”



Saving babies, changing lives

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2201 North Main St., Dayton, OH 45405


NOTE: This information is for the admin office, NOT the Women’s Centers. Please see the link below for our Women’s Center addresses.

ENLC Offices 2201 North Main St., Dayton, OH 45405 937.226.7414
Mission: Empower Individuals and Families to make Godly life choices.
Vision: By the grace of God, we humbly labor in the culture of life.

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