stop the modern day herod

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Christmas is a time to reflect on the birth of the baby Jesus,
which would not have been possible if King Herod had his
way. When Jesus was born, He was born to be our King. His
destiny was sealed and His purpose was established before
he entered the world. King Herod, however, anticipated the
arrival of the son of God not to worship the new King, but
rather to destroy Him. He even attempted to use the three
wisemen to find out where the Christ Child would be born.


Unbeknownst to King Herod, God had a bigger plan. The three
wisemen, called to preserve the life of baby Jesus, brought gold,
frankincense, and myrrh as gifts. These are traditionally believed to have provided the necessary means to support the Holy Family on their flight from Herod into Egypt. In a similar way, you have been called to protect the life of innocent babies today. The three wisemen saved a precious baby who was Savior of the World from Herod, and you, our friends, can help Elizabeth’s New Life Center save babies from abortionists.


Herod initiated a massacre of all the infants in Bethlehem
and the surrounding coasts in an attempt to murder baby
Jesus and, even now in the 21st century, abortionists are
slaughtering innocent babies throughout the world through
surgical abortions and the abortion pill. The spirit of Herod
has ascended through centuries and needs to be arrested
and dethroned.

we need your help

By supporting ENLC, you can help stop the modern day Herods who plan to assassinate living souls in the womb. Your gift is like the wisemen’s gifts, a weapon to fight against abortionists and their efforts to kill the unborn.

Because of your support, mothers will have the opportunity to bear future world changers and image bearers. Your support will also provide loving services and programs to women, children and their families.

This year, generous donors are giving us a $60,000 MATCHING GIFT in which every dollar you give will be matched, dollar for dollar, to help stop the spirit of the Herod, which is freely operating in Southwest Ohio killing innocent babies.

Help us take full advantage of the $60,000 MATCH! Every dollar you give will be doubled.


At this time of year, we are appealing to our friends who have supported us in the past to allow
us to expand and broaden our ministry. Here is what we have accomplished in the last year:

Ultrasound scans for mothers considering abortion

Students received imperative information about healthy relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, and more

Unique clients served in our Marriage Works! Ohio department to strengthen relationships and families

Visits to our Boutique, allowing mothers to get essential baby and child items

Babies delivered at our Prenatal Care Center

Babies rescued from abortion