Written by: Angela, Development Officer

In 2012, Democrats removed the phrase, “safe, legal, and rare,” in reference to abortion from their official platform. It was replaced by simply, “safe and legal.” Since that time, we have seen a rapid onset of pro-abortion advocates filling in their own words where rare used to be. Some you may be most familiar with are, “free,” “accessible,” and even, “shouted.” A new one that you may not be as familiar with is “funny.” Yes. Because abortion, the purposeful ending of a unique human life, is the PEAK of comedy.


Pro-abortionists no longer want abortion to be rare at all. In fact, they have turned it into a perversion of a Sacrament; a sick kind of initiation right, where you aren’t fully accepted as, “one of us,” unless you have had an abortion. Even some celebrities have expressed disappointment in themselves that they never, “had the chance,” to get an abortion. These men and women are willing to do and say anything and everything to normalize abortion, especially toward young people. I thought they had hit rock bottom in 2017 when Teen Vogue magazine published an article called, What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion, but was proven wrong with the latest “female buddy comedy adventure” film called Unpregnant.


I sincerely pray that none of you have seen this film and do not recommend it to anyone. When I saw the trailer, I felt very angry. When I saw the film, I felt very sad. Before reading on, please know that some of the material you read may be particularly upsetting to those who have been affected by abortion.


Unpregnant was originally described by its distributor, HBO Max, as a “hilarious road trip.” It is a film about a 17-year-old girl named Veronica who finds out she is pregnant. Despite the support of her boyfriend, Kevin, Veronica reconnects with an old friend named Bailey to take a thousand-mile trip to New Mexico so that she can obtain an abortion without parental consent.


Instead of aiming for a dark comedy, the producers went straight for slapstick, with the smart and pretty girl and her quirky and funny friend going on this awesome road trip adventure. On this adventure, Veronica and Bailey get into all kinds of fun shenanigans with wonderful strangers along the way. When they find out Veronica is getting an abortion, these strangers are willing to do anything to help the two girls reach their goal.


Throughout the film, Veronica’s boyfriend, Kevin, is shown to be wildly immature and incompetent (so funny and original – a man who knows nothing!) and proposes to Veronica when she tells him she is pregnant. She takes the engagement ring with the intention of pawning it to pay for the trip and the abortion. Kevin eventually follows the girls to the pawnshop and is made out to be the villain for being upset that she is pawning the ring.


A particularly angering scene occurs when Veronica and Bailey accept a ride from a helpful young couple. They spend the night at the couple’s house, and in the morning discover that this is actually a “horrible, anti-abortion,” couple who are going to try to stop Veronica from going through with her abortion. In order to get out of this HILARIOUS situation, they STEAL the couple’s SUV and get into a CAR CHASE with the “insane” pro-life husband. He chases them around the desert in a mobile ultrasound van with pictures of babies, smiling women, and the words, “Free Pregnancy Diagnosis and Ultrasound,” on the side. HE tries to get the girls to visit a pregnancy resource center but eventually, they drive the SUV off a cliff, jumping out and hiding at the last minute to FAKE THEIR OWN DEATHS and escape from this pro-life couple. This movie actually shows how funny and relatable it is to go through all of that because it is a better decision for them than listening to what a pro-life couple may have to say to them and offer for help.


Finally, the girls make it to the abortion clinic, where we see Kevin again. He begs Veronica to rethink her decision and when she won’t, he (naturally, since he is the villain) tells her that if she goes through with it, he will tell everyone they know that she got an abortion. This demonstrates the filmmakers’ goal of not just making abortion funny but also to portray men as bad.


The waiting room represents a high-class doctor’s office with happy looking women filling out paperwork. All of the clinic workers are hip and cool and so nice to the women. This part really made me sad, because it cemented this film’s goal, and the goal of pro-abortion advocates everywhere, to show that abortion doesn’t need to be rare because abortion is nothing. Abortion to them is not the killing of an innocent child. It’s not the premature ending of a unique human life. It’s not even something that could be regretted. It is nothing.


While a voiceover of the clinic worker describing the procedure process to Veronica plays, we are shown a video of what she is describing, and it sounds pretty much like the same speech I remember getting before I had my wisdom teeth yanked out. She tells Veronica (and we see) that she will be hooked up to an IV, put in a comfy chair in a cozy waiting room with other women waiting for their abortions, given anesthesia where she will fall asleep in seconds while the doctors and nurses smile down at her, and will wake up safe and sound in the recovery room, where it shows Veronica and another young girl, also recovering from her just-completed surgical abortion, making eye contact and smiling at each other. Yes haha we just had surgery and it’s so cute and funny and we feel good enough to smile! I’ve been with family after surgical procedures, and I have never seen them gently open their eyes like awakening from a nice nap and smiling at anyone. If someone doesn’t feel like smiling after foot surgery, I can’t imagine someone would feel like smiling after having their child killed and removed from the most intimate safe space in the world; their womb.


At no point do we see anything showing what abortion actually is. There is no acknowledgment that a life has just been ended and they don’t even have the courtesy to show a single woman even looking remotely sad at any point in the clinic. We don’t get a glimpse of the “products of conception,” room, where clinic workers piece together the tiny baby, made in the image and likeness of God, to make sure they didn’t leave anything inside the mother. In Ohio now, abortion clinics are required to ask mothers whether they want to have the infant remains cremated or buried. We certainly don’t see anything like that. Why would they? Abortion is nothing.


So what are we to do? Films like this are not going to go away and will almost certainly become more common. First: cancel HBO. Cancel other services like Netflix that support and create these types of products that are a slap in the face to God, Family, and Life. When you cancel and it asks you why, TELL THEM! Invest in life-affirming companies that create appropriate family content that uplifts and encourages people of all ages, such as PureFlix, EWTN, and Trinity Broadcasting Network. Just as important, if not more so, is supporting your local pregnancy resource center (PRC). Whether that is one of Elizabeth’s New Life Center’s locations or another great pregnancy center near you. Movies like these and the pro-abortion movement, in general, are genuinely out to get PRCs. They try everything they can to make us look like incompetent, evil, flippant liars who are only pro-birth and have no real interest in the mother or child. Pregnancy resource centers are slammed daily with negative reviews online, hateful and untruthful articles about our services, and even with elected officials trying to force us to provide pro-abortion information to women who come to us seeking help and loving support. If you are able to give of your treasure: donate financially. If you are able to give of your time: volunteer. If you are able to give of your talents: provide material support and special skills. Most importantly, and I know you are all able to give of this, please continue to give to us spiritually. Your prayers for staff, clients, volunteers, and board members keep us going on a daily basis. We are in a time where it is very easy to become discouraged and disappointed in the world around us. Sometimes it can seem like we are hanging on tooth and nail, but your prayers provide us and our clients with hope and the peace only Christ can give. So please remember, as frustrating as things like Unpregnant can be, we know abortion is no laughing matter and continue to seek out opportunities to share hope and healing with women and families every single day and we cannot do it without your help.