Written by: Lindsay Langhals

There is so much talk about abortion and the politics that come with it. This talk can often feel overwhelming and end up discouraging people from discussing abortion at all. We cannot, however, allow this discouragement to stop us from doing something about abortion. If you don’t feel equipped to speak about abortion, there are things that you can still do to prevent abortion and ultimately equip yourself for this dialogue, which is so important.


It’s easy to see how one life lost to abortion is one too many. It follows, then, that every abortion we can prevent from happening will save a life and is worth all that goes into it and more. God created each of these little babies in His likeness and we have a responsibility to defend these defenseless lives out of honor for their inherent value.


That is why we’ve compiled this list of things you can do to help reduce the number of abortions that are taking place right now.


  1. Pray- Pray to God for a culture that makes abortion unthinkable. Pray that He will equip the right people and place them in the path of a struggling young mother. Pray for the new mothers and fathers that are facing unplanned pregnancies. Pray that we as a society value life for what it is and will begin to treat all human beings with the respect they deserve regardless of size, location, race, ability, etc. Better yet, join your local 40 Days for Life and pray with them!
  2. Support your local Pregnancy Resource Center- Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) are located all over the nation and exist to offer resources and consultations to women and couples facing an unplanned pregnancy. PRCs typically offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, as well as options counseling, program referrals, material assistance and so much more! You can support these centers by praying for them, volunteering, giving financially, donating baby items and maternity clothes, offering your skills such as maintenance, accounting, etc., and more! Learn more about Elizabeth’s New Life Center’s collection of PRCs at https://womenscenterohio.com/.
  3. Get Educated- Becoming educated on everything from the various types of abortion procedures, to fetal development, to what human service programs exist in your area and more can equip you to defend life in your conversations. Changing hearts and minds plays a key role in building a culture that promotes life! Always remember to keep your cool. Even if you don’t feel like you made progress through a conversation, you may never know what kind of seed you planted. Great resources for getting educated on these topics are Live Action, LifeSite News, Pregnancy Help News, your local Chamber of Commerce or Right to Life, social service offices, your church, and more!
  4. Connect with your local Right To Life- These organizations will get you in touch with like-minded individuals who have the same goal of reducing abortions. They likely already have activities going on that you can contribute to and they may even have the bandwidth to help you complete a project that’s already on your heart. Learn more about the Right to Life and how to find your local chapter here.
  5. Promote Post-Abortive Support- We hear many stories from women who had an abortion and struggle silently through the grief and regret that comes along with it. By advocating for these women and offering them healing and a judgment-free environment to come to, you will be helping to create new advocates for life. These women deserve our care and support just as much as any other. In fact, they are often able to heal well and rally with us to empower other women to choose life! If you ever need resources for a post-abortive woman, https://hopeafterabortiondayton.org/ is a great place to start.


That sums up a few of the MANY ways in which you can help to reduce abortions today. I hope you found these tips useful and actionable.


Politics and culture may stop you from talking about abortion, but I challenge you to not let politics or culture stop you from DOING something about it. Comment below with which of these actions you’re excited to take to help further the Pro-Life Movement.