Written by: Alaina Diehl

I was reading an article from Planned Parenthood this week about the difference between pro-life and pro-choice stances when it comes to abortion. The article holds an opinion I’ve heard many times from those who support abortion: “Pro-life people only care about the baby up until the birth. They are much less concerned about the life of the woman who is pregnant, and even less the mother or the child after the baby is born.”


To a certain extent, this outlook makes sense. Our foster care system in America, the general stigma around young single mothers, and the resources that are difficult to find because they are silenced by the media are all reasons why someone might choose to have an abortion. And who could blame them? Isn’t it easier to terminate a child’s life than to have them live in such an unforgiving world?


The truth is, women are influenced by the world around them. Whether they want it or not, women are told that they aren’t good enough on their own, that they can’t raise a child, that they would be a horrible mother for giving their child away to adoption, and other falsehoods. It’s difficult to persevere as the strong woman you are if all you’re told is that you’ll never make it.


So what is Elizabeth’s New Life Center doing to combat these untruths? Through the generosity of our donors, staff, volunteers and supporters, we are able to provide care to the mother and the child through the pregnancy, up until, and well after the birth. We are here for support with free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, pregnancy verification, options consultations, prenatal care, parenting classes, counseling, boutiques with clothes, diapers, wipes, and much more. Our goal is to provide women (and men!) with the resources they need to know that they can do it. We also have other programs such as Go 4 the Gold that promote education of students on topics such as dating, intimacy, and sexual integrity.


How can you help? Elizabeth’s New Life Center is always in need of donations, whether that is monetary, physical items, prayers, volunteer hours, or just telling your friends about the services we offer. All that we do reflects our Pro-Life outlook: preserving life from conception until natural death.


Source: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/teens/ask-experts/can-you-explain-what-pro-choice-means-and-pro-life-means-im-supposed-to-do-it-for-a-class-thanks