“No One Wants to Get an Abortion”

Written By: Lindsay, Development Officer

Abortion advocates have a much-repeated phrase in their arsenal of sound-bytes: “we want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.” Strangely enough, they even admit that no one wants an abortion, yet many women need it. They point to poverty, abuse, family pressures, lack of education, and many other difficulties as insurmountable obstacles which necessitate abortion. This could not be farther from the truth (more on that later), and it is a major disservice to women that these lies are allowed to continue.


Among these lies is that abortion proponents truly want it to be rare. Far from trying to reduce abortion rates through practical solutions, pro-choice advocates are now celebrating abortion. Need a recent example? Check out this Christmas tree topper tweeted out by the Marketing Director of a clinic that specializes “in 2nd and 3rd trimester abortion care.” 

The CARE center (Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence) in Bellevue, Nebraska topped its Christmas tree with two Sopher clamps, tools commonly used to dismember formed fetuses in the womb during a late-term abortion. Never mind the hideous perversion of a feast celebrating the birth of our Savior. How is making a Christmas tree topper out of a tool responsible for ending innocent human lives not celebrating the procedure?


Somehow, over the last few decades, we went from abortions being “safe, legal, and rare” to a culture where shouting your abortion is encouraged.


Another lie hidden behind “safe, legal, and rare” is the almost complete absence of assistance for women that would contribute to reduced abortions. Leading “reproductive health care centers” (abortion providers) such as Planned Parenthood do next to nothing to help these women. If no one truly wants abortion, these clinics should offer assistance with adoption, housing, legal help, etc. Instead, they choose to promote sexual promiscuity to school-aged children and advertise abortion as a common, safe procedure.


Although facing the ugliness behind these lies can weight heavily on our hearts, we need to understand what the pro-abortion lobby is saying and doing in order to combat their propaganda and effectively promote a culture that values life. Instead of “safe, legal, and rare,” abortion must be “unthinkable.”


How can we do this? First we can promote the value of human life and encourage others to honor its inherent worth. That is exactly what pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) such as Women’s Centers of Ohio do. In our Women’s Centers, we help women contemplating abortion to see that their “pregnancy” is a child, unique and beautiful and full of life.


Once women recognize the life within them as having value, our staff provides every kind of support they can. By offering everything from free pregnancy verification to ultrasounds, material assistance, education, help with food security and insurance, adoption referrals, and more, PRCs are making waves when it comes to supporting women and families. Elizabeth’s New Life Center’s Women’s Centers of Ohio helped 85% of abortion-vulnerable women to choose life in 2019. The pro-life community is accomplishing these things by offering the care and compassion that women are seeking when facing an unplanned pregnancy.


If you are feeling convicted by these messages, there are ways you can get involved. Elizabeth’s New Life Center is working hard every day to combat the negative effects of abortion-culture by carrying out our mission, “To empower individuals and families to make Godly life choices. By the grace of God, we humbly labor in the culture of life.”


We are always looking for partners who are willing to contribute their time and talents as volunteers and their treasure as donors. Please visit our website or reach out to your local Development Officer for more information about how you can join us in laboring in the culture of life.

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