Alecia Stephens learned to crochet when she was in her early 20’s while spending time with her maternal grandmother, Mary. Alecia shares that Mary only knew one stitch and would be astonished today at the resources available to those who want to learn how to crochet beautiful items with different stitch types and clothing patterns.

Alecia and her husband, Mike, became aware of ENLC when they participated in Marriage Works! Ohio classes in preparation for their marriage. When asked how the couple benefited from the classes, Alecia shared, “The communication skills we learned helped us to communicate about our feelings in a deeper way and helped us to tackle tough conversations in regards to child rearing, faith, our upbringing, and our family values.”

Their marriage was blessed nearly nine years ago with the births of their twin children, Connor and Laurel. They were born prematurely at 25-weeks with devastating circumstances as Laurel survived only five days. Losing a child puts a tremendous strain upon a marriage, and the Stephen’s were fortunate to overcome it. Alecia shared that in classes taken through Marriage Works! Ohio, “We learned the importance of communication and openness, which helped us when it came time to face the struggles in our marriage.”

Laurel’s life, even though short, was meaningful. Alecia chooses to use her crochet talent to honor Laurel to create special items that are gifted to expectant moms in memory of her precious life. Alecia’s crochet projects are superior quality and have a special meaning, not only because her grandmother taught her the craft, but because she shares a piece of Laurel through them.

Alecia brought some of her delicate items to the Lebanon boutique recently and asked our staff to bless our mothers with something special which has tremendous meaning.

God reminds us in Psalm 139, “You formed my inward parts; you wove me in my mother’s womb.”

Alecia’s creations are deliberate with perfectly placed stitches which are created in concert with one another. She creates beautiful items which honor both Laurel and the children who will wear them. What a gift to our ministry to see the fruits of Marriage Works! Ohio, transforming pain and grief into a selfless gift that celebrates life! Only our Lord can bring good from such difficult circumstances. Thank you, Alecia, for sharing your talent with Women’s Center-Lebanon and our clients. Also, thank you for reminding us that just as each of us is “fearfully and wonderfully made,” so are your crocheted works of art.