Importance of PRCs in Your Local Community

Written By: Kelsey Koverman, Development Officer

Have you ever told yourself you weren’t good enough? Beautiful enough? Strong enough? Have you ever thought you were a failure for not succeeding at something you worked hard to achieve? Have you ever let someone’s sharp or thoughtless words tear you down?

If you’re like me, you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions. 

The truth is, we’re all broken human beings who quickly believe we are less than who our Creator made us to be. The greater truth, though, is that the lies we believe cannot, and should not, define us. The very definition of who we are is WHOSE we are – the Lord’s beloved. 

Our culture is full of messages that vehemently tear down the dignity of women, men, the unborn, and the family. Those facing unexpected or crisis pregnancies often hear they aren’t smart enough, strong enough, or mature enough to care for a baby. These women and men need a place to escape these messages and find encouragement. That is where pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) enter the picture.

At PRCs, employees and volunteers are radically available to families facing difficulties. They serve a client’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, seeking to make their experience one of dignity, love, and hope.

At the Women’s Centers of Ohio, a network of seven (soon to be eight!) PRCs operated by Elizabeth’s New Life Center in the southwest Ohio region, we empower clients in numerous ways. During each pregnancy consultation, we give clients ALL the information on ALL their options for their pregnancy. We affirm that they are capable of choosing life for their babies, offer personal support and material assistance, and remind them that we will walk beside them. Believing in the dignity and sense of accomplishment that work brings, we also give clients an opportunity to shop for their own infant care items at our Baby Boutiques with “baby bucks,” which they earn for themselves through attending classes we provide.

Through these and a myriad of other services, we honor and affirm the dignity of women. This is how hearts are changed and lives are saved. PRCs play a crucial role in local communities. Please pray for the continued success of local PRCs, including the Women’s Centers of Ohio, and support them in whatever way the Lord might be calling you to do. YOU TOO are called to help uphold the dignity of all human life.