Written by: Lindsay Bruggeman

The Youth Services Department at ENLC is made up of an energetic bunch of people who are passionate about empowering the next generation to make Godly life choices. This team provides in-school programs for students in middle and high school that teach the importance of healthy relationships and how to foster them.

Did you know that most teens support waiting for sex until marriage? Our Go 4 the Gold curriculum empowers them to reach that goal. Beyond advocating for abstinence, the program takes a holistic approach to advocating for healthy relationships and avoiding risky behaviors. The team is constantly researching and developing culturally appropriate content for the courses to stay relevant to the times we are facing and the youth we are teaching.

In the last 14 years that this program has been around, over 50,000 students have participated and over 90% of these students gave the program high ratings. Many of them also expressed a need or desire for teens to have access to this curriculum as early as possible. Finding a relatable and fun way to talk to students about these topics can be challenging, but our incredible Youth Services team knocks it out of the park. We are so grateful for them!


I really liked this program because it made me think deeper into relationships than before. I think this class should be taught to everyone at some point and required.”

-Student from Northmont HS


If you are interested in students at your school learning about:

– The importance of friendships and social skills

– Healthy boundaries and refusal skills

– The most common emotional grooming tactics

– The red flags of dating violence and abuse

– The truth behind sexual bonding

– How to handle finances responsibly

– How to handle conflict

– The difference between marriage and cohabitation


Then Go 4 The Gold and our other Youth Services are definitely the right fit for you! Visit the Go 4 The Gold website to learn how you can get this program to your school for the upcoming semester and take pride in knowing that you helped empower these kids to lead their most successful lives!


If you’d like to help provide these programs for youth, visit our website to make a contribution toward our Youth Services program, and as always, prayer helps so much!