For 31 years, ENLC has continued to touch lives and change the direction of abortion-minded women throughout southwestern Ohio. As part of engaging partners to support our mission, ENLC has four Development Officers (DO) who cover our ministry’s four regions. The DOs primary responsibilities are to cultivate relationships with donors, prayer partners and volunteers as well as coordinate special events and fundraisers. You may often hear us reference that you can contact your local DO with questions about our various campaigns and opportunities. From hosting a table at one of our banquets to facilitating a Bottles for Babies campaign at your church to volunteering at our centers, and so much more, these are the ladies that you’ll want to talk to for all things surrounding ways you can support us.


It might be helpful, then, if we take a minute to learn about who these individuals are. Please see below for a bio on each of our DOs, including fun facts about them and which territory they each cover.

Renee Wisser

Renee Wisser, covering the Lebanon territory, is our most experienced DO. Originally from Findlay, Ohio, Renee has been with ENLC for 6 years. She says that she became interested in nonprofit development after volunteering at the Women’s Center in Lebanon for a year. It was during this year that Renee felt called to do more for the organization. After much prayer and discernment, Renee applied for the position and now feels so blessed to be able to do such rewarding work. She loves spending each day connecting supporters to our mission and giving them the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our clients. Renee feels strongly that her experiences with donors strengthen her faith and desire to make a difference in this world.

A fun fact about Renee: She moved to England when she was 15 and graduated high school from the American School of London.

Renee is pro-life, because “God loves each human life from the instant of his or her conception and until natural death. God calls each of us to uphold the inherent dignity of the human person and create a culture that values life at all stages. I want to do that with love and compassion and especially when others have opposite viewpoints or have made past decisions contrary to life. God not only loves, but also forgives, and I want to share that message with others.”

Renee said that three words that describe ENLC are


And she thinks that individuals should support ENLC because “we are always mission-driven, good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, and we produce life-saving, life-changing results with compassionate hearts.”

If you’re ever near the Lebanon Center, be sure to stop in and say hello to Renee. She can be reached at or 937-991-0162.

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Cincinnati (South) Development Officer

Our South Development Officer position is currently open! If you live in the Cincinnati area and are hoping to get in touch with a Development Officer, contact our Director of Development, Keisha Mitchell at or 937-991-0160.

If you are interested in applying for this position or seeing what other positions we have open click here!

Angela Wagner

Angela Wagner has been our Dayton DO since August of 2020. She is originally from Xenia, Ohio, and became interested in nonprofit development work during her junior year of college. She feels very blessed to have been able to work in development since then. Angela’s favorite thing about working at ENLC, specifically, is having “peace in knowing that everyone working here is working towards the same goals and shares the same values and aspirations for ourselves and our societies.”

A fun fact about Angela: She has an identical twin sister!

Angela is pro-life, because she knows “that abortion affects more than just the child and the mother. Abortion hurts everyone whose lives would have been touched by that child, and can completely alter God’s will and plan for the world through the taking of one innocent life.”

Angela said that three words that describe ENLC are


And she thinks that “donors (and those who are not yet donors!) should support ENLC because you can be assured that the money you give to this organization is going to be put to work to help change hearts and lives in our local communities. You never have to worry if your money is going to do what it was meant to do. Donors who support ENLC are helping to build back the culture towards God, Life, and Families.”

If you’re ever near the Dayton Admin Office, be sure to stop in and say hello to Angela. She can be reached at or 937-991-0161.

Lindsay Langhals

Lindsay Langhals, our DO over the Sidney area, has the largest geographic territory. If you live anywhere in the circle from Celina to Bellefontaine to Vandalia, Lindsay is your gal. Originally from the small town of Columbus Grove, Ohio, Lindsay discovered her passion for nonprofit development during her junior year at Montana State University. During college, Lindsay was the president of Students for Life for 3 years. She learned a lot about the pro-life movement and held many fundraisers with her club. After graduating, Lindsay floated through a few jobs both in and out of the nonprofit sector, looking for her perfect fit. When she saw the DO job posted in Sidney in May of 2020, she knew she had to apply.

A fun fact about Lindsay: She adopted a miniature labradoodle, named Montana, the day after she moved home following her college graduation. Montana has since lived with Lindsay in 4 different towns, including Salt Lake City, and is currently being trained to hunt deer sheds.

Lindsay is pro-life, because she believes “that no human being should ever have the right to decide when another human being’s life should end, no matter what.”

Lindsay said that three words that describe ENLC are:


And she thinks that individuals should support ENLC because “it is an investment in your community and the future of our country and world. I truly believe that God smiles every time someone makes a donation to ENLC.”

If you’re ever near the Sidney Center, be sure to stop in and say hello to Lindsay. She can be reached at or 937-991-0163.