*Candice* visited the Women’s Center to confirm a positive pregnancy test she had taken at home. She felt she could not add another mouth to feed to her already large household, so she hoped she could give this child to her sister who was childless and wanting to start a family. To all of our surprise, an ultrasound revealed twins! Unfortunately, her sister did not want twins. Candice did not want to split up her babies, but she also felt she could not adequately provide for them.

To ease the difficulty of material needs, we showed Candice our Earn While You Learn online programs and told her how she could take classes and earn baby bucks for shopping in our boutiques. We offered all kinds of material assistance, from diapers and wipes to cribs and car seats. Our Strong Beginnings associate helped her begin the daunting paperwork process involved in obtaining health insurance and connected her with additional resources in the community.

Candice cried all during her visit with us but accepted all the information we provided. Our staff covered her in prayer. They contacted her continually throughout the next several weeks, answering her questions and providing services and encouragement. Today, Candice decided to keep and raise the babies, begin online classes, and attend her first prenatal appointment. Praise God!

*Name changed for client confidentiality