Written by: Tammy Elter

Elizabeth’s New Life Center has been proudly offering prenatal care for 21 years. Our program, Holy Family Prenatal Care, provides kind and compassionate medical services to underserved women with both social and economic setbacks. From their first visit until 6 weeks after they deliver their baby, we are able to provide our clients with everything from routine medical visits to lab tests, ultrasounds by a Registered Diagnostic Ultrasonographer, and more. The ultrasounds we provide assist with dating the pregnancy and evaluating viability. Additionally, we can provide a fetal survey for anatomy at 21 weeks on a 3D/4D state of the art ultrasound machine.

From the first part of pregnancy until about 35 weeks along, Holy Family Prenatal Care clients see Dr. Ann Moell. After this, they continue care with midwives until delivery. Miami Valley Hospital has a private practice with Dr. Stephen Guy, Dr. Crouch and Dr. Torres-Schafer, and this is primarily where our midwives perform deliveries for our clients. The doctors stand in for higher-risk deliveries such as C-sections or any significant complications.

Holy Family has programs that allow women to take educational classes, such as Nutrition, Infant safety, Attachment and Bonding, Breastfeeding and True Reproductive Health. Taking these classes allows our clients to earn material items for their children such as brand new cribs and mattresses along with Baby Bucks to use at our boutique. The boutique is stocked with everything the client may need and is a great resource for her to be able to provide for her child while also getting educated about parenthood.

In addition to all of the services listed above, we started a new referral incentive for clients to share our services with friends, furthering our impact in the community. The care that women receive at Holy Family is designed to offer encouragement for a positive pregnancy experience and a lifetime of memories. By celebrating pregnancy through delivery and into parenting, the services at Holy Family Prenatal work together to further Elizabeth’s New Life Center’s mission of empowering individuals and families to make Godly life choices. Through all of our programs we promote family values and encourage positive parenting plans. Won’t you join us as we humbly labor in the culture of life?

If you or someone you know could benefit from the services offered by Holy Family Prenatal Care, call 937-228-4492 to schedule an appointment or visit https://holyfamilyprenatalcare.org/ to learn more.

If you’d like to support the programs and services offered by Elizabeth’s New Life Center and Holy Family Prenatal Care, Consider making a financial contribution here, or exploring volunteer opportunities here.