With COVID restrictions still in place, nonprofits everywhere are getting more creative with their fundraising efforts. Some have gone completely digital while others are socially distancing at previously scheduled events, but here at Elizabeth’s New Life Center, we’re exploring a new concept for our pregnancy crisis centers: ungalas.

What’s an Ungala?

Everyone knows what a Gala is, but have you heard of an ungala? While this approach may seem unusual, it is quickly gaining traction among younger donors.

An ungala is when people buy tickets to NOT attend a fancy party. Sounds strange, right? But when you think about it, how many times have you committed to something and backed out last minute? Whether it was due to social anxiety, financial hardships, or conflicting schedules, this happens more often than you think. An ungala would give people the opportunity to donate without these added stressors.

How Do You Throw an Ungala?

To implement this, simply schedule a date and time, accept donations in exchange for tickets, and then encourage people to honor the cause when the date arrives. If you’re raising money for a pregnancy crisis center like ours, for example, patrons could celebrate by watching a pro-life documentary and having an in-home date night with their spouse.

Here are some other creative ways to celebrate:

  • Have a self-care day
  • Take an advocacy course
  • Go on a family date night with your children
  • Volunteer at a local pregnancy crisis center

Would you ever participate in an ungala? We’d love to hear from you!