Voting Pro-Life

This election cycle is a critical time for our nation and the future of abortion in our nation.  It is critical that all those who are pro-life vote at every level in the upcoming election.   The next President will nominate a successor for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  He or she will likely have the opportunity to nominate successors for at least two more justices.

Looking forward to these potential nominations, we have a great responsibility to ensure we have a pro-life Senate that will confirm pro-life nominees and block judges who would continue Roe v Wade and even expand on that decision, continuing the erosion of religious freedom and justice in our society.

To truly understand the importance of your vote in the pro-life arena you need to understand a few other things.  When you hear the name Planned Parenthood you should think “the nation’s largest abortion provider.  And whenever you hear the name Emily’s List, you should think “the extreme pro-abortion PAC.”  If you pay attention you will hear these names bandied about in the support of virtually every pro-abortion candidate running throughout our country this year.

This year there are 34 Senate seats up for election – 10 are currently held by Democrats and 24 are currently held by Republicans.  That means 10 people who are pro-abortion (Democrats) could lose their seats and 24 people who are pro-life (Republicans) could lose their seats.  That is very scary because the loss of only 5 of those Republican seats means the Senate swings to Democratic control and our nation becomes entrenched further in a pro-abortion culture.  Those controlling the legislation will continue to push abortion down our throats and force all citizens to help fund abortions regardless of their religious or personal convictions.

We cannot let that happen!

At ENLC we urge you to become informed about the people for whom you will cast your votes.  Make sure that the candidate who wins your support is pro-life.

Important elections in our state include Senator Rob Portman who is up against our previous Governor, Ted Strickland.  There couldn’t be a bigger contrast on the pro-life issue than in this race.  Senator Portman has a 100% pro-life voting record while Strickland has voted against life more than 80% of the time.

We also need to pay attention to our State elections and make sure we continue to support those in our districts who have voted pro-life throughout their tenure. For a list of the pro-life candidates in Ohio visit this website –

Consider volunteering or offering monetary support to the candidates in your area.  This is a pivotal time in our nation and the time to vote pro-life on every level is this November!

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