Talking Basketball with Don Donoher

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Tuesday at the University of Dayton’s Flight Deck, ENLC Supporters gathered together to hear from Vivian Koob and UD coach Don Donoher. Over mexican food attendees reconnected, socialized, and reminisced about the magnificent history of UD Basketball.
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Vivian shared about ENLC’s Mobile Women’s Center, painting the picture of the challenges a college woman faces when she finds that she’s pregnant and all the ways ENLC can help.
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Don told the story of his coaching career, from his beginnings negotiating a salary of $800 a month, to his feelings toward coaching at UD, saying “There was no better job than this job I had right here.” Two of Don’s former players, Don May and Dan Sadlier, were there supporting their coach.
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Attendees toured the newly renovated Donoher Basketball Center and got a behind the scenes look at the life of a University of Dayton basketball player, from lit-up lockers to hot and cold training tubs.
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