Support ENLC – Throw a House Party!


Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, especially for nonprofits and ministries like Elizabeth’s New Life Center (ENLC) without big budgets to dedicate to marketing and promotion. Because of that, we rely more than most organizations on you – our supporters, donors, board members, and volunteers. And we wanted to tell you about a new way to get involved and spread the word about ENLC, without even leaving your house!

House parties are a way to spread the word about ENLC to friends, coworkers, or neighbors that are completely unfamiliar with what we do. A house party is simple, an evening with 5-10 people in your home to learn about Elizabeth’s New Life Center, and it can be as diverse as the people putting it on! You could have an ice cream sundae bar, a game night, or anything to gather people together to learn, fellowship, and have fun. It’s a great opportunity for someone’s first touch with ENLC where they will be invited to take the next step to get more involved with our ministry or to contribute to a certain cause such as the upcoming Capitol Campaign for the new offices in Lebanon.

So you’re all in, you want to throw your first house party, where do you go from here? The first step is to get in touch with our development department. While you take care of inviting the friends and making the coffee, we’ll put together a presentation that’s customized to your group. Your night could focus on any of ENLC’s programs: women’s centers, abstinence education, the mobile center, Holy Family Prenatal Care, or anything else.

The key to a house party is exposure, the night is successful if a few more people who are unfamiliar with ENLC leave knowing our purpose, our ministry, and the services we provide and decide to get more involved. We can’t overestimate how important small nights like this are to furthering ENLC, allowing us to grow and rooting us deeper in this community we’re serving as well as meeting real needs that the ministry is experiencing.

Please call 937-224-7414 if you’re interested in having a house party of your own!

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