Ohio Planned Parenthood Affiliates Dump Aborted Babies’ Bodies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, December 11, 2015 (Cincinnati, OH):  Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office has released results of its investigation of Ohio Planned Parenthood abortion affiliates. The investigation examined whether state Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are selling aborted babies’ body parts, and whether these facilities are properly disposing of aborted babies’ remains, in light of evidence found in other states.

The investigation found that, while Ohio abortion facilities are not trafficking in the sale of aborted babies’ body parts, abortionists are ignoring Ohio code requiring humane disposal of these babies’ bodies.

“No protection in life, no dignity in death–little aborted babies’ bodies are being dumped in landfills as if they are garbage,” said Paula Westwood, Executive Director, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati. “This evidence will add further trauma to women who have experienced abortion, and is an especially sad revelation at Christmas when heaven touched earth in the birth of a child.”

“This is concrete proof,” Westwood continued, “that at the very least, government support of Ohio abortionists with state and Medicaid funding must end immediately.”

Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati commends Attorney General DeWine and staff for its diligence in uncovering this tragedy.


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