Back to School – and ENLC is there!

College students are gearing up and beginning a new school year and that means our mobile unit is in high gear doing everything we can to meet students and spread the word that we are there for students who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation.

Our mobile unit is beginning its second full year visiting 5 local college campuses offering FREE pregnancy tests, 3D/4D ultrasounds, and pre-termination consultation for anyone who asks.  This school year we are launching our #NOTREADY campaign which includes giving away t-shirts with the #NOTREADY logo and offering prizes to students who wear them and tweet out the image or use other social media sites to spread the word.  #NOTREADY along with our QR code will drive students to our women’s center website where they can learn the truth and schedule an appointment to visit the mobile unit or any of our other 6 women’s centers.

We can afford this through the generosity of an anonymous donor who paid for the t-shirts and other giveaways!

Over the summer the mobile unit stayed busy and was parked closed to the Planned Parenthood office in Cincinnati where we saw several clients who were abortion minded.  We were also parked outside the Kettering abortion clinic and had the pleasure of meeting with several women who were abortion minded.  We also went to Wright State University and Edison State College this summer and served students who were busy with summer classes.



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