Another Way to Support ENLC – and it’s FREE!

Another Way to Support ENLC – and its FREE!

As part of the marketing efforts we began August 1 we are asking our employees, volunteers, and supporters to feature a “Pregnant? Not Ready? We can help!” magnet on their car.  The magnets are bold and attract attention and feature the main Women’s Center phone number and our QR code to drive potential clients to our Women’s Center website.  The picture below shows you how it looks on a car.

If you would like to help support ENLC and drive more abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable women to our women’s centers to learn about options to abortion, then sport a magnet or two on your vehicle!

The magnets are available for no cost – our way of saying thanks for helping!  However, if you would like to help defer the cost you can write us a check for $10.

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Who knew it was so easy to spread the word of the good we do, and help us do more?  Now you do!

Please send an email to if you would like a magnet, or call (937) 226-7414 ext. 325

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