In 1989, Steve and Vivian Koob, along with their church, founded Elizabeth’s New Life Center (ENLC) as a compassionate response and option to the abortion clinic operating in their neighborhood. ENLC opened its first office in the Five Oaks neighborhood of the city of Dayton to serve pregnant women facing unexpected pregnancies.

1994-1NorthMain_webIn 1994, Elizabeth’s New Life Center purchased a vacant building beside the abortion clinic and renovated it into a women’s center with medical capabilities. The following year ENLC opened its first Mother and Baby Boutique to provide needy clients with material assistance to establish family life, and in 1999 began providing abstinence education services to schools in an effort to expand efforts to prevent teen pregnancy.

By 2000, the abortion clinic had shut its doors, but Elizabeth’s New Life Center thrived as it continued to meet the needs of at-risk individuals with the support of individual donors and the community. That same year, ENLC established Holy Family Prenatal Care to offer continuity of care to maternity patients who would otherwise struggle to access comprehensive and excellent treatment. About that same time, Elizabeth’s New Life Center purchased and renovated a medical building on Forest Avenue in front of Grandview Hospital’s emergency room. That facility currently houses administrative offices, Women’s Center-Dayton, Holy Family Prenatal Care, classrooms, a nutrition center, and a chapel accessible to both clients and staff.

ENLC continued its growth as the youth development department was awarded highly competitive federal grants to provide abstinence education to area schools in 2002, 2005, and 2008. In 2006, Elizabeth’s New Life Center also was awarded one of the largest federal healthy marriage demonstration grants in the country to establish Marriage Works! Ohio and offer marriage education across Southwestern Ohio.

Today Elizabeth’s New Life Center operates from seven women’s centers, three in Montgomery County and others in Warren, Hamilton, and Shelby Counties. Our seventh women’s center is our new Mobile Women’s Center that travels to local college campuses. The Dayton boutique continues to operate from the Five Oaks building, and Marriage Works! Ohio operates from a facility on Main Street in Dayton.